Burson Soloist Voyager

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Pushing Possibilities To The Edge

The Soloist Voyager stands as our top-of-the-line headphone amplifier and preamp. 

From the inside out, you will not find anything conventional. From our voltage and frequency-boosting Max Current Power Supplies to our renowned discrete audio opamps, and from our Silent Power regulators to our cost-no-object mono-channel volume controls, every element—including its enclosure, which provides critical cooling—has been engineered from the ground up to push the boundaries of audio experience, doing so in absolute style.

Pure Class-A, Mirrored Dual Mono, Fully Balanced.

The Voyager features two separate and independently powered amplifiers inside, eliminating cross-channel distortion and creating a lifelike soundstage with powerful dynamics.


Burson Opamps - A house sound 20 years in the making.

With nearly two decades of experience, we have crafted discrete audio op-amps for a diverse clientele, including DIY enthusiasts, recording engineers, and manufacturing partners. The Voyager’s signal path features Burson op-amps at every stage, delivering the renowned Burson house sound-rich, dynamic, and transparent.

The Best Volume Control X 2

With a dynamic range of -112dB, industry aristocrats like Pass Labs and AVM swear by the MUSES72320 volume control. It is thus regarded as the most expensive analog volume controller available.We go even further by implementing one MUSES72320 with a discrete buffer per channel, eliminating interference between channels.
Like Being There.

The Voyager provides selectable hardware-based crossfeed for headphones and soundstage balancing for speakers, and it even offers a headphone+subwoofer listening mode.Whether you’re listening through headphones or speakers, these features allow you to enjoy your favourite tracks just as you prefer.
Headphone Impedance Taming

The impedance number on a headphone’s retail box is not very informative. It comes from a tone test and tends to oversimplify a complex issue.
In practice, headphone impedance varies significantly with different sound frequencies during music playback.
The Soloist Voyager boasts a high current output stage that counteracts these impedance fluctuations, ensuring a more consistent response.
This is why the Voyager’s 10-watt output sounds more powerful than our competitors’, while also being remarkably precise and refined.
Looks Do Matter!

To complement our dual mono Class-A design, we have custom-designed a cooling system that ensures the Soloist Voyager not only effortlessly dissipates heat from an 80-watt idling current but also features an aesthetically pleasing design that enhances any living space.
Take the Voyage!

Like a Bugatti or the B&W Nautilus, the Voyager stands as a testament to engineering that achieves a timeless form.
It represents a confluence of unconventional engineering marvels, coming together to create the ultimate machine that takes you on a mental journey. It invites you to revisit profoundly moving musical moments or discover new ones. Enjoy it as it stands, poised to withstand the test of time, or personalize it further through its numerous upgrade paths—shaping it into your unique dream machine. With the Voyager, the choice is yours, and you explore your music in style!