Campfire Holocene Universal-Fit In-ear Monitors

Campfire Audio
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Traveling in Time - Interior Mysteries Revealed

Holocene features a single custom balanced armature for highs and two independent custom balanced armatures covering mids and lows. These drivers are combined and optimized with Campfire Audio's signature 3D printing acoustic chamber design. This harmony of driver and design elevates the musical experience of Holocene.

The sound beams you into the music, transporting you directly, back in time, to the recording to observe the nuance like never before. Navigating an age of culture requires an appreciation of nuance and subtly. Holocene is your vessel for this journey.

Beam Me Up!

The Holocene is adorned with glow-in-the-dark elements. The Campfire Audio inlay logo, the new ‘Smoky Glow’ cable overmolds, and the ‘Epoch’ case features. Charge them with light and enjoy the show when the lights go out, and the stars come into view.

It's shell is machined from aluminum and anodized in an ‘umber’ finish, set with black tri-lobe screws and a black PVD finished stainless steel spout. Holocene is completed with custom beryllium copper mmcx connectors, ensuring years of stable performance from your cable connection.

Epoch Encompassed - Supporting the SEAQUAL® INITIATIVE

Upcycled Marine Plastic in the form of SEAQUAL® YARN makes up the rugged outer layer of the Campfire Audio Holocene zipper case. Luminous zipper and plaque provide exceptional glow performance. The new smooth pulling plastic tooth zipper offers a superior experience.

Each case pattern design is unique, and each is one of a kind. The ‘Epoch’ color palette ranges from rainforest greens to aquatic blues. Mysterious geometric shapes float freely and collide in unexpected ways. These are fun cases that protect your earphones and give you something fun to enjoy.


5 Hz to 20 KHz
94db @ 6.99 mVrms
5.4 ohm @ 1K


Triple Balanced Armature Earphone Design

1 custom balanced armature (Highs)

1 custom balanced armature (Mid/Low)

1 custom balanced armature (Mid/Low)

`Umber’ Finished Anodized Machined Aluminum

Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections with Glow in the Dark Overmolds