DITA Fealty

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Manufacturers often find themselves in the position of having to serve two masters: The Music and the Listener.

From the very beginning, it has been DITA’s goals to serve both the Music and the Listener: And to this end, we present, Fealty & Fidelity.

Fealty, refers to DITA’s sworn loyalty to reproducing that captivates and draws the Listener in, while Fidelity refers to the product being faithful to the source, the Music.

Both together and in juxtaposition, Fealty and Fidelity reflects our goals to please the individual and provide them with greater immersion and enjoyment.

Fealty and Fidelity invokes the dynamics of duality in all that is important to the soul. Neither Fealty or Fidelity is skewed, preferences are left to the individual to decide, as are their loyalties.