HeadAmp GS-X Mk2 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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The GS-X Mk2 is HeadAmp’s flagship amplifier for dynamic and planar magnetic headphones. With a circuit that has evolved and matured over a 15-year period, the GS-X Mk2 is the most powerful, linear, and transparent amplifier that we have ever produced. Pushing up to 6W of class-A power into balanced headphones, the GS-X Mk2 can tame the toughest headphone loads on the market, while its’ low-noise circuitry delivers an equally brilliant performance with sensitive in-ear monitors.

In addition, the GS-X Mk2 makes a fine preamp for your stereo speaker system. With its’ high input impedance, low output impedance, multiple I/O options, 3-way gain control, and precise volume control, the GS-X Mk2 can fit into almost any stereo rig, and provide the same wonderfully transparent sound output that it does with headphones.

The GS-X Mk2 is a carefully handcrafted piece of audio equipment, with painstakingly matched components, and the highest standards for build quality in the business. Every GS-X Mk2 is tested extensively throughout the build process, as well as before, and after an extensive burn-in process to ensure the best possible performance.

As 0f January, 2017, all GS-X Mk2 ship with the DACT 24-step attenuator volume control.


Our Take

The GS-X Mk2 delivers the quickest, cleanest, most transparent sound you will find in a headphone amplifier, and does so regardless of the headphones you pair with it.  You’ll simply hear the character of the headphones themselves, and the connected source, as the GS-X does its’ part to supply all the power your headphones need, without coloring the sound.  The GS-X is carefully designed to provide the same level of experience whether listening with high sensitivity, multi-driver in-ear monitors, low-impedance current-hungry planar magnetic headphones, or low-efficiency, high-impedance headphones.  The combination of extra low-noise transistors, careful part matching, and an adaptable gain setting work together to give your entire collection of headphones just what they demand.

Join the numerous headphone manufacturers who use this amp in their development labs, and get the clearest sound possible from your cans.


Type Low noise quad JFET input; Pure Class A bipolar transistor output
Frequency Response 10Hz-90KHz +/-0.2dB
THD+N 0.0008% @ 1KHz/0dBu
Gain L – 1X, M – 12.5X, H – 21.5X
Input Impedance 50K ohm
Output Impedance <0.5 ohm
Line Voltage 100V, 115/120V, 230/240V
Power Consumption 30W


Volume Control Inputs 1 XLR, 2 RCA
Outputs 4-pin XLR (balanced), 2x 3-pin XLR (balanced, 2x ¼” TRS (stereo), 1 XLR/1 RCA active pre-amp outputs, 1 XLR/1 RCA loop outputs
Dimensions – Amplifier 14.25in [362mm] W x 9in [229mm] D x 2.5in [63mm] H
Dimensions – Power Supply 14.25in [362mm] W x 9in [229mm] D x 2.5in [63mm] H
Weight – Ampifier 5lb [2.3Kg]
Weight – Power Supply 7lb [3.2Kg]
Power Cable 4ft [1.2m] (connects power supply to amplifier)