iKKo ITB03 Heimdallr Portable HiFi Bluetooth Amplifier

$159.00 $229.00
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To listen to the best sound quality, Start from ITB03

No need to install a driver, enjoy HIFI freedom via Bluetooth or NFC
Support LDAC/aptX/apt HD/aptX adapitve/DSD/PCM to meet all your needs for different audio codecs.

Powerful processing power

Classic AK4377 chip outputs light and transparent sound and beautiful human voice, Dual-DAC design perfectly solves the problem of high and low frequency.

The ITB03 comes with 4 filter modes that can be more finely tuned to your whim

Fillter1 Steep drop: sound dry and crisp
Fillter2 Steep drop after a short delay: mellow sound, suitable for pop music
Fillter3 Steep drop: Natural and mellow low end, good for slow music
Fillter4 Slow drop after a short delay: high sound reproduction, suitable for classical music