Vision Ears VE6 X-Control Custom / Universal-Fit In-Ear Monitors

Vision Ears
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2 earphones – 1 shell: The best of both worlds

You cannot decide between X1 and X2?

Not a problem!

Get both model versions in one and the same shell and listen to every single track in the sound-signature of the VE6 that suits you the most.


Two micro-switches on the faceplates of the in-ear let you choose between both model-versions (VE6x1 and VE6 x2) quick and easy.

Try it and experience the whole world of sound.

VE 6x Control Custom In-Ears

There is nothing more comfortable and snugly fitting than a custom. Due to our long-time experience of building high quality earpieces and our fitting guarantee, you can reach out for the best without any concerns.

VE 6x Control Universal – Signature Design

Our new universal In-Ear is featuring an outstanding signature design and a surprisingly good fit for an earphone that is not custom fitted. Thanks to our long-time experience as a custom manufacturer, we were able to design a universal shell which fits comfortably and safe to almost every ear.

VE6 X-Control

The signature design of our VE 6 X-Control is a composition of a purple transparent shell and our all new Purple Marblefaceplate.

The material of this faceplate is made of vinyl with extraordinary intensive color and depth which was especially matched to the color of our shells. A beautiful masterpiece, celebrating VE´s affinity to purple.

VE 6x Control Universal – Custom Design

Design your own.

Ever dreamed of a custom designed universal earphone? We present this rare opportunity to you to create your own universal design by using our online configurator.
You can choose from a vast number of options to make it as individual as you are - make it simple, make it extraordinary. Choose what fits best for you.