Vision Ears VE8 Custom / Universal-Fit In-Ear Monitors

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Harmony at its best

The VE8 of the Custom In-Ear series convinces with a perfect symbiosis:
Powerful sound with overwhelming precision and clarity

  • Extremely tight and precise bass

  • Crystal clear and smooth highs

  • Brilliant harmonic mid-structure

All of that is blended in a superior open stereo image giving you outstanding precision and harmony.

VE8 Custom

There is nothing more comfortable and snugly fitting than a custom. Due to our long-time experience of building high quality earpieces and our fitting guarantee, you can reach out for the best without any concerns.

VE8 Universal - Signature Design

Our new universal In-Ear is featuring an outstanding signature design and a surprisingly good fit for an earphone that is not custom fitted. Thanks to our long-time experience as a custom manufacturer, we were able to design a universal shell which fits comfortably and safe to almost every ear.The signature design of our VE 8 is a composition of a green transparent shell and our all new Northern Lights faceplate. The look of this faceplate is a breathtaking eye-catcher.

VE8 Universal - Custom Design

Design your own.

Ever dreamed of a custom designed universal earphone? We present this rare opportunity to you to create your own universal design by using our online configurator.  You can choose from a vast number of options to make it as individual as you are - make it simple, make it extraordinary. Choose what fits best for you.